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The program is created for those who are not only travel or work in Indonesia but intensively want to learn and experience the culture, nature, people and how it is to live in the biggest country of South East Asia.


Besides an unforgettable live enriching experience, dependent on the amount of time that is spent in Trawas International Village (most visitor stay from 2 weeks to 1 year) you will have obtained a smaller or larger extent the following capacities :

  • Ability to read, understand and speak Bahasa Indonesia in simple ways.
  • Awareness of the different ethnic groups in indonesia (300 ethnic groups speaking 365 different languages).
  • Basic knowledge of the cultures of the mayor ethnic groups.
  • Extensive knowledge on social behavior and politeness and business rules and practices.
  • General knowledge of Indonesian life and way of thinking in the different layers of the society.
  • Basic knowledge of the history of the different parts of Indonesia, and how this reflects in current times.
  • Basic knowledge of indonesian law, social law in specific.
  • Basic knowledge of the Indonesian geography and geology.
  • Basic knowledge of the different religions present in Indonesian society and the part of the religions in Indonesian live.


Learning the Indonesian language is an important objective because:

  • Bahasa Indonesian represents the unity between 300 ethnic groups
  • Even with a small knowledge of Bahasa indonesian, the indonesian people will feel respected and will do all to make your stay even more special and warm
  • Knowing bahasa indonesian means being able to communicate with people in Indonesia, Malaysia and 30 percent of Singapore, together about 300 million people, more than half the South East Asian population
  • Indonesian is said to be Asia’s (or the world’s) easiest language to learn because of its simple grammar, Latin symbols and easy pronunciation. So even in a short time basic indonesian can be taught

A side objective of the program is to share and compare cultures of the participants from all over the globe in the cultural village.


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