Tuesday, 24 November 2020
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  As mentioned in the objectives, the program is created for those who are not only travel to Indonesia, but intensively learn and experience the culture, nature, people and how it is to experiencing live in the biggest country of South East Asia. We are also offer special program for companies, embassy, foreign company staffs or assisting research in specialized studies.

Apart from this objective, for the following groups, staying at Trawas International Village will enhanced your success in further careers/business of your companies :

  • Students who study or studied South East Asian studies
  • Students in linguistics, anthropology, art history, ethnomusicology, history, political science, sociology and related fields to get the important field experiences
  • Anyone interested to teach Indonesian or Indonesian cultures
  • Expatriates or foreigner that will work in Indonesia
  • Business men who consider to invest in South East Asian market
  • Professionals that doing business with Indonesian companies or employees.

Anyone who wants to improve his competitive advantage by adding deep knowledge on this huge market to his resume

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