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The Location  

Trawas is a township strategically located between Surabaya and Malang, the two biggest cities in East Java. Since Java contains 60% of the Indonesian population it means you are in the middle of active Indonesian life but the atmosphere is relatively easy going and more friendly and sociable. It is an ideal situation to learn and teach about the Indonesian culture around the kind and warm population of the town.
The Cultural Village it self occupies 3.500 m2, and offers you and our Indonesian students with whom you will be sharing our grounds, a swimming pool, sports yard, table tennis, internet café, restaurant, library, meeting hall, big screen entertainment so you can relax and optimized  enjoinment’s time between and after educational hours.


Furthermore Trawas is situated in the naturally diverse and recreationally rich of East Java. The village it self is situated on the west side of Gunung Penanggungan (sacred Hindu mountain) and east of the semi-active Volcano Gunung Welirang, so during your stay you will always be surrounded by a beautiful landscape and views. With a short travel time, East Java offers you the following recreational activities :

  • Walk to the beautiful “Dlundung” waterfalls in the nature park just a short distance from the village
  • Have a mountain trip through “Kakek Bodo” waterfall, the nearby recreational forest
  • Sightseeing of “Kaliandra” a miniature of old Javanese period
  • Play golf at “Finna” Golf and Country club (not as upper-class as in western countries)
  • Look at temples and temple art from the Javanese and Hindu days
  • Visit “Penanggungan”, the sacred mountain
  • Visit wild animal reserve at “Taman Safari” in Prigen, only 50 kms away from TIV
  • Scheduled a daytrip to “Mojopahit Kingdom” (the most powerful Kingdom in Indonesian’s history) heritages
  • Horse riding in the neighborhood
  • And many more (see also chapter “cultural activities” under “program tab”)

Altogether the location makes joining the Trawas village Program for a week up to a year an amazing and unforgettable experience.


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