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Enrich your experiences about Indonesia
Learn about all aspects of Indonesian live, traditions, music, food, history and nature in one place

After experiencing living and working in the UK and traveling different parts of the world, program creator John Sumarna has found out for himself how important it is to learn about the traditions, history and culture of the country you are in even when communicating to people from that country. This is what motivated him to start a program where you can learn all about Indonesian culture in one place for everyone who wants to visit, live or study in Indonesia or is just interested in understanding the Indonesian people and culture to enrich their understanding of this part of the world. You will find the Indonesian culture and friendliness of the people can be very enlightening for ones vision upon the world.

Furthermore since the large Indonesian population (with 260 million people the largest country in south east Asia) consists of people of hundreds of different backgrounds, languages and traditions, learning about Indonesian culture really means learning about many different cultures, and how they practically live in harmony together. An eye opening experience… Find out all about it on these pages.

Website now available  
Website now available.

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